Jacob Rhodes
The day Hannah turned 18, she drove her small red Coupe to Bravo Company and checked in at CQ. Hannah worked with Styles at the overpriced hotel restaurant. She was a hostess and he was a waiter. Girls under eighteen aren't allowed in the barracks, so Styles flirted with her and waited. Hannah gave her ID to Private First Class Edwards and smiled like a secret.

She passed me on the stairs and looked into my eyes. I followed her. She met Styles in the hall. They went to his room. I went to mine. A few hours later there was some whooping outside my door. I looked down the hall to see a crowd outside Styles' door. I headed down to all the hoopla. Beer cans and grins, they were all looking in. The first thing I saw was the light from the video camera. Then there was Welles with one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor, naked, fluffing his dick. There was a crowd around the bed and some lamps. I stepped in and slipped to the front. Hannah was kneeling on the bed with her ass facing Welles. She was leaning forward and sucking Halloway's dick. Halloway was the platoon's shitbag. He was points away from being clinically retarded. We never gave him live ammo. His dick was small and wrinkled, but Hannah kept on rubbing and sucking until a little nut dribbled out. His face was one of surprise or disbelief. I think it was the first time he had ever seen a naked girl.

Styles was hovering around the bed with his video camera in one hand and a beer in the other. There were a few beer cans around the bed and Styles asked Halloway if he had ever touched a girl's titty. Halloway just stared at Hannah's chest so Styles took his hand and put it on her. He smiled, and Welles put his newly erect cock in her pussy from behind. She moaned a little. Styles asked Hannah if she was ok with everything and she said yes. I left the room and sat in mine. Cinder-blocks painted blue-grey, a bed, a locker, a desk. The next day, the video was viewed at lunch in Styles' room. We crowded around the TV and sat on the bed. It opened with a title: Hannah Banana Earns Her E.I.B. The Expert Infantry Badge was a badge that we were all trying to earn. It was a series of tests on weapons, mines, grenades and memory. A week later, I was working as gate guard checking I.D.'s when a small red coupe pulled up with Hannah inside. I asked her where she was going. She said Charlie Company.